Roman Reigns defends Goldberg vs The Undertaker match at Super Showdowns

WWE SmackDown Live Superstar Roman Reigns recently spoke with ESPN to promote the WWE 2K20 game, which features The Big Dog and Becky Lynch on the cover.

Reigns had some interesting comments on the Goldberg vs The Undertaker match at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, and proceeded to defend the two legends while talking about the dream encounter.

Goldberg was brought back by WWE for a match that the fans had been clamoring for around two decades. Back during the Monday Night Wars, Goldberg and The Undertaker were two of the biggest Superstars in their respective promotions.

After WWE bought off WCW, Goldberg was one of the top stars who didn’t jump ship, but WWE managed to sign him around two years later. Goldberg had two short stints with WWE in 2003-04 and 2016-17, but neither saw him take on The Phenom.

The match finally took place at Super ShowDown, but was slammed heavily by fans and critics, with many bashing the company for letting the two legends risk their health at this stage in their lives. There were a bunch of WWE personalities who stepped up and defended the match.

Roman Reigns recently shared his thoughts on the bout, and went on to defend the same. Reigns explained that it was a tough situation with the temperature soaring sky-high.

First of all, it was so cool. It was unfortunate what happened out there in the desert. It was a tough situation. It was hot as hell out there. Those guys aren’t in the ring all the time. You have to have your wrestling legs under you. Even when I miss a few live events, I can feel it.
Goldberg is all set to make his return, as he will face Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam 2019. The Undertaker did redeem himself from the performance at Super ShowDown with an impressive outing at Extreme Rules alongside The Big Dog against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

The onus will be now on Goldberg to do the same at The Biggest Party Of The Summer.


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