Roman Reigns, Undertaker Beat Shane McMahon

Roman Reigns and The Undertaker joined forces to beat Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a No Holds Barred tag team match at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday night.

Not even the interference of Elias could help McMahon and McIntyre come out victorious. Elias’ involvement briefly turned the match in their favor, but Elias and McMahon eventually received a chokeslam from The Undertaker for their troubles. Reigns also neutralized McIntyre with a Spear.

From there, Reigns brought McMahon to his feet and threw him over to The Undertaker for a Tombstone Piledriver.
Few could have expected the bout to take place as recently as one month ago, but everything changed on June 24 when The Undertaker made a surprise appearance on Raw.
Reigns was taking a beating at the hands of McMahon and McIntyre during a two-on-one handicap match, and Shane-O-Mac was set to hit The Big Dog with the Coast to Coast.

Before he could execute the move, though, the lights went out and The Undertaker appeared, which resulted in McMahon taking a chokeslam.

There was no inkling prior to his appearance that The Undertaker was about to return to television, especially on the heels of a disappointing match at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on June 7.

The Deadman main-evented that show against Goldberg, but the veterans struggled to mesh. Goldberg getting busted open likely contributed to the match going off the rails and failing to deliver.

By returning so quickly after that debacle, The Undertaker had a chance to erase the negativity surrounding him. It also allowed The Deadman to potentially set the stage for a feud heading into SummerSlam on August 11.

Reigns has been at odds with McMahon for quite some time, and their issues reached a new level at Super ShowDown when McIntyre helped Shane-O-Mac upset The Big Dog in a singles match.

That led to a singles bout between Reigns and McIntyre at Stomping Grounds. The former universal champion won despite McMahon’s attempts to get involved, but it only served to anger Boy Wonder and add more fuel to the fire that was his rivalry with Reigns.

Although the arrival of The Undertaker seemed to spook him, McMahon insisted he wasn’t afraid of the man he pushed to the limit at WrestleMania 32. In an attempt to prove it, he made the tag team bout at Extreme Rules a No Holds Barred match.

That seemingly gave McMahon and McIntyre the advantage because of their willingness to win at all costs, but Reigns and The Undertaker are no strangers to the hardcore environment, either.

Despite having no experience working together, Reigns and The Undertaker came out on top Sunday, and given The Deadman’s performance,


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