WWE 12th January 2020 Roman Reigns vs 6 Man Superstar

– As noted, WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor brought his title to SmackDown from RAW WWE Roman Reigns in the 2019 Superstar Shakeup. He defeated Ali in a non-title match on tonight’s blue brand show. Below is a post-show video of the WWE reporter asking Balor how he plans to replicate his momentum on SmackDown.

“Well, I think what you’re forgetting is, I’m the two-time and current reigning Intercontinental Champion. This Superstar Shakeup has been a long time coming. I’m very happy, I’m proud to be a part of SmackDown. 

The dark main event after tonight’s WWE 205 Live tapings at the Bell Centre in Montreal saw Roman Reigns and Randy Orton go at it with no official winner being announced. The finish saw Orton hit the draping DDT and then miss the RKO. Reigns followed up with a Superman Punch and a Spear. Orton then rolled out of the ring and Reigns’ music played as if he were the winner. That ended the show, according to correspondent Travis Bledsoe. Travis described the match as odd.

– The Miz came to RAW from SmackDown in the Superstar Shakeup on Monday night and because of that, he was able to see his daughter Monroe Sky take her first steps tonight.

Miz tweeted, “Today, I would’ve been at #SDLive, however, due to the #SuperStarShakeUp WWE Roman Reigns I am home and I got to witness my daughter walk for the first time. #Awesome @MonroeMizanin @marysemizanin”

There were several matches that WWE advertised during so it gave us a full week to get ready for this week’s show. It’s rare for WWE to advertise four big matches like that, but they must have felt a need to do it because ESPN will be showing the NCAA College Football Championship game tonight featuring LSU and Clemson. It should draw a huge audience for ESPN with potentially 20 million viewers, which should lead to one of the lowest audiences for Raw this year.

The last time they had a singles match, Orton beat Styles clean. On the next week’s Raw, Styles WWE Roman Reigns pinned Orton in a six-man tag. So what happens here? I’ll go with a Styles win although it doesn’t really matter. These guys are firmly entrenched in the upper-mid card on Raw no matter who wins. I think that’s an issue with some of the matches we get because it doesn’t matter who wins or loses a match like this. It’s not really going to have a dramatic effect on things.


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