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Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre Match WWE RAW

Lock-up! Taken to the corner, turning around to and fro. Drew with a total separation. Drew welcomes Orton out of the corner. Lock up again, Orton gets him into a side headlock. Drew McIntyre switches. Randy shoots him off, Drew with a shoulder square! Orton bails. Randy advances into the ring! Lock-up, Drew gets him into another side headlock. “Randy” serenade. Shoots him off, shoulder square of his own! Drew twofold legs him into the corner however, wallops him, awful blade edge cleave! Whip to the contrary corner, Orton bursts out with a clothesline! Another takes him to the floor! Back suplex onto the blockade! And afterward a subsequent one!!! Favoring his chest from the slash.

Orton needs a third back suplex onto the hindrance yet McIntyre get away, posts him! Surges in for a Claymore, Orton turns off the beaten path, Drew takes out a stagehand! Business break. McIntyre up top as we return, hanging tight for Orton to stand! Falls off the top however Orton with a dropkick out of the air! Trade of shots results now, both starting. Slugging increases! European uppercut gets replied with some really mean slashes! Orton stops him with a jab to the eyes! Drew with a major boot! Be that as it may, Orton bobs directly back, tosses him through the ropes, Draping DDT! Furthermore, presently he’s going a-stalking…

rew needs Randy to rise now! Charges him, pummels him against the corner and bounce back off for an Overhead Belly To Belly! Vertical Suplex, kip up from the huge kid! Back in the corner, goes to the group! Blended response, a larger number of boos than cheers today. Three, two, one.. charges directly into the Snap Powerslam for a nearfall! Randy Orton takes Drew McIntyre to the top rope. Shot to the head. Randy going up top, needs a superplex. High edge superplex nailed! Orton can’t cover however, moves from the ring and tumbles to the floor.

There’s no ringer nor would I anticipate one now. Ref gets taken out as the OC keeps on stepping Drew into insensibility. In any case, into the ring goes Orton with a steel seat and far-fetched however it is, he winds up making the put something aside for McIntyre, driving off the OC! They bail and Orton and Drew remain off rigidly. Attracted is as yet prepared to battle even as Orton remains with the seat. Randy hurls it aside.

A while later McIntyre gets a mic however he doesn’t think it works. He says he should’ve Claymored Orton. Says that one was on him. Yet, this Sunday he asks that both of them are in the Rumble together. He vows to dismiss Orton’s http://newwrestlingseries.com/category/raw/ head from his shoulders and win the Rumble lastly after this time, he’s going to headliner WrestleMania!

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