Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan Lumberjack Match – Friday Night SmackDown:

Rowan backs Reigns to the corner and whips him to begin. He takes Reigns out of the ring and a few loggers take shots at him before tossing him back in. The Big Dog clotheslines Rowan out and he wards off the entirety of the loggers. He tosses Roman into the blockade. He hits a turn kick for a two consider we head to a business.

We come back to see Reigns attempting to retaliate against Rowan. The Redwood runs into the turnbuckle and Roman hits a progression of corner clotheslines. The Big Dog gets a two tally with a Samoan drop. Luke Harper goes to the ring yet Bryan meets him in the passageway with the loggers. Rules takes out everybody with a jump over the top rope. Rowan powerbombs Ali into Reigns before hitting a crossbody for a two include back in the ring. Harper clotheslines Reigns before Bryan drills him with a running knee. Rules hits the Spear on Rowan for the pin and the success.

Ziggler takes control ahead of schedule against The Miz. He hits a Zig Zag however Miz counters a superkick with a DDT. Strowman gets the tag and runs over Dolph. Everybody comes in and begins hitting their finisher for reasons unknown. Braun has a little staredown with Tyson Fury and he winds up hurling Dolph into him. The Showoff hits a superkick before Strowman powerslams him for a simple success.


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