it resembles being in prison there’s totally no place to run no place to get away from this is a battle to the end such a lot of hostility such a great amount of outrage between these two men Bray Wyatt continually telling rules anybody however you Roman [Applause] strikes first rules has looked amazingly skillful he’s been incredibly sure rules was the one folks.

who made the test you to meet inside Hell in a Cell as there are numerous individuals like Bray Wyatt when somebody like Roman reigns hit you that hard in the face it puts a grin on your on your mug another large right by Roman mash so hard battled for such a long time sooner or later you simply need it over with Roman rules was so near turning out to be world .

heavyweight champion two or multiple times this year until this side footing with Bray Wyatt me now extraordinary taking a rate entryway over expectation these folks tossing bombs at an early stage here time to point you saw minutes prior move they had the cash the bank [Applause] cerebrum wasn’t even in the match he likewise looked like at WrestleMania he could have dominated that game until Seth Rollins trades out then all that energy all that incredible Royal Rumble that the Roman rules had all the person escapes when Bray Wyatt targets roll yet you another toss by rules hoping to rebuff Bray Wyatt and Roman rules simply getting that dead weight of Bray Wyatt simply flinging it over the ring Lucas I’m certain you all saw the grin that crossed the substance of rules conveys break and you notice the pace of Roman reigns he’s not in a rush both of these in a rush.

they realize this is a battle to the completion so Roman needs Bray Wyatt to feel each and every punch no one’s going anyplace down from his perspective and rules went for the drive-by and Bray Wyatt roll that way yet rules is as yet ready to get him as they’re getting hazardously close [Applause] times of that self and Wyatt reaching the phone here today and now Roman rules going to confront leading the steel [Applause] right now as of now Bray Wyatt is starting to acknowledge what he’s gotten himself into not one of you man in your long famous vocations ever step foot inside Hell in a Cell I’m happy of it thank heavens a ton of cake Maggie’s a size King yet there’s in no way like this Hell in a Cell you watch this where he was kicked directly into that face first into it’s amusing inside a Hell in a Cell coordinate that phone can turn into your closest companion and your most exceedingly terrible foe enough said during 17 whizzes thrown totally off the highest point of this thing look take a gander at the highest point of it cell how high that is a blockhead anything can occur right now just thing that constrains you is your creative mind and that is unnerving when you think about

Bray Wyatt very envision it there [Applause] no doubt and simply like that Bray Wyatt assumed control over yonder’s no determining what kind of that ring [Applause] and now it is Bray requiring some investment the main thing the arbitrator is there for is to forget about somebody and notice capabilities no tally outs it’s by means of pinfall or accommodation the main way you dominate the game [Applause] harm your rival as you can or need to wow [Applause] ribcage Roman attempting to retaliate [Applause] Pindos troublesome a ton of battle out of kidneys just wears you out reluctant ruler down I mean it could break your ribs in the event that we Roman rules to your point Michael if piece ribs aren’t separated he’s very worn right now [Music] [Applause] extraordinary dismembering Roman [Applause] with the force right now Wyatt’s kindness goodness and now extraordinary utilizations the phone furthering his potential benefit very with that kendo stick I don’t have the foggiest idea how Roman rules will be ready to make something happen here then gracious hang tight brief searching for all the more so what he has under there why not the kendo stick worked [Applause] Oh crisp [Applause] here comes that that distorted creative mind folks that we were discussing prior no determining what this psyche of Bray Wyatt’s can come up to do the Roman rules [Applause] man breaks [Applause] do the kendo stick split it fifty-fifty [Applause] it truly appears at home doesn’t dark white faced the hardship a Roman rules and about essentially analyzing Roman [Applause] a week ago state to Roman rules [Applause] took his head off be cautious what you bring out it could be utilized against you and now it’s prey that is dazed I don’t realize extraordinary wine comprehends what just befell him [Applause] clatter you know look at it see what out on the planet he was searching for he would have been put under there possibly Roman put a couple of things down there too Oh twofold kendos what’s a presently Bray Wyatt see feel a little reasonable Oh uncommon how great that is figured out downpours envision how it feels for Bray Wyatt it’s mid-water now more [Applause] Hey WWH war toys Roman see his grin what merited holding up notice we need two tables however he said one ain’t sufficient in time everlasting time [Applause] twofold your pleasure twofold your enjoyment hello Bray Wyatt brought this all upon himself now your itís difficult to feel some difficult to feel frustrated about someone I trust you’re not folks aren’t forgetting about Bray Wyatt of this thing they state he is far a long way from being done I’m not including anyone out of this you’re Brady incredible for that table out of the ring that is actually what I’d have done what you drive I don’t leave your head there they’ll cerebrum [Applause] and Wyatt going to she’s running right now just to recover his course Romans got tables set up by neither side of the rang to shake his cerebrum and huge googly record set to you great what exchanging Oh attempting to sell over through the table Oh No this done it well this [Applause] I think incredible right so what is he going to go to me [Applause] Paul bumping sway watch this lady is simply spiked he was spiked by supplicate this is magnificent except if you Roman rules and Bray walleston finish this he needs to get Roman back in the ring he’s doing it and ready to do it currently Bray glancing to at last right now sin and anger with the shoulder [Applause] Stroman directly back to the ribs that is going to hurt those ribs and back revelry can 520 Wyatt kick out the ribs that Bray Wyatt previously pursued with a kendo stick and afterward penetrated them this fall the rear of the ribs to the table Roman rules took around 20 shots as you said Michael with that kendo stick the human body isn’t intended to take that well it’s this he was choosing to take this either fellow Newman body is leveled 300 pounds he’s a chalk line around Roman he’s attempting to get a mischief’s way yet he may have placed himself in a far more detestable situation here [Applause] it’s out Roman Wyatt disgusting enlistment into the phone who’s he conversing with not many of those numerous voices in his mind I’m certain keeps on rebuffing downpours [Applause] simply pulverizing rules Roman took everything just to kick out that bed falling draya’s expression arrived on him squashed him in the enclosure and sponsorship up simply coming pedal to the metal with all his body weight Romans

head facing that steel ring post [Applause] there are just two tables over here a couple of presumably or hard to move it Marie [Applause] [Music] we’ll wager right whoever said unmoving load [Applause] he nearly did Roman battling ever return to his feet I don’t have the foggiest idea whether that is an insightful move that is scarcely moving right now Oh think I know where this is going and this isn’t going to end well I guarantee you make incredible preparing fifty-fifty lady is practically vulnerable now Bray Wyatt move it up on the top rope searching for a suplex take a gander at its suplex range to the table range blocked attempt again however blocked again and I’m laying to the correct hand us and our Wyatts in a tough situation and why I attempt to battle out of this [Applause] and yet again [Music] [Applause] how brayed Wyatt endure that that is this view some way or another Bray Wyatt ready to get one of those shoulders up man what a physical experience among rules and Wyatt these two folks are spent precisely what both of you expect in a Hell in a Cell coordinate both these men have been hit by kendo sticks seats skiped off the phone passed through tables they’re despite everything going and that wasn’t care for the initial two minutes of the match they’re despite everything going except I don’t have a clue how [Applause] [Music] I’m simply attempting to burrow down profound [Applause] he’s experiencing difficulty to try and get into his feet these Warriors were experiencing difficulty simply standing up attempting to make sense of how to polish off the other what a cost this whatever happens now I’ve gotten my cash’s worth currently it’s off-base and gay the energy [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we’re messing with me you found a good pace me Roma can’t trust it in the cavern that was a wonderful grouping from rules Wyatt despite everything endure that may have been the best arrangement that Roman rules is fit for assembling today around evening time what’s this [Applause] and still ready to kick out had absolutely gotten his work done that should’ve taken out a bull moose yet by one way or another Bray Wyatt endure [Applause] well that is a savvy move normally going outside the ring you’re going out to a little security yet not right now in Hell in a Cell simply like that however Bray Wyatt is correct rules however counters [Applause] did you see the rear of burst had passed through the table on the lance mind yielding his body lance and watch this gracious directly through the table the table with the two bodies look Roman wasn’t his relinquishing his body he was giving up Bray’s – [ ]Roman arrived on bold yet took a ton of that brought himself extraordinary wine perhaps oblivious [Applause] see only once again I gotta state this once again skewer through the table [Applause] to demonstrate the night also perhaps as much as Roman take a gander at this Roman I think presently acknowledges implore Wyatt has not moved it must be the time being getting back in the ring admirably all the white families you realize they’re observing some place any place the hellfire they are can Bray Wyatt do it isolated not if a lady has anything to state I’m a



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