The additional bit of NXT being introduced on an in any event, playing field as Raw and SmackDown left Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-see with a crisp vibe as one of WWE four significant yearly shows. On the off chance that WWE achieved one thing toward the day’s end following an extensive show with its All-Star Game organization of dream matches, it told the world that the previous “formative brand” is undoubtedly prepared for prime time.

In addition to the fact that NXT won the end of the week on account of Saturday’s remarkable TakeOver War Games 3 card, the solid booking it got one night later was just bested by the in-ring exhibitions created. This was WWE betting everything on its future by putting over its darling third brand so hard, and the outcome was a significant show with no deficiency of good matches through and through.

What went down Sunday night in Chicago? CBS Sports was with you the whole way Sunday refreshing this story with results, examination and features from the show. Buy in to our digital recording – State of Combat with Brian Campbell – and tune in to our moment investigation of WWE Survivor Series underneath.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (SD) win the Tag Team Battle Royal [Kickoff Show]: NXT was the main brand wiped out, leaving two groups each from Raw and SmackDown. Road Profits at that point killed Revival to give Raw a 2-1 preferred position. The OC ate a Zig-Zag and superkick from Ziggler, leaving his group with Roode and the Street Profits remaining. Angelo Dawkins evaded a superkick that arrived on Roode and thumped him through the center rope, gbut as Montez Ford went for a frog sprinkle, Roode pushed him off. Fortunately, Ford arrived on the ring cover. Be that as it may, similarly as he handled the frog sprinkle on Ziggler, Roode ran into the ring to hurl Ford over the top rope. Nothing dynamite here except for engaging enough with the correct two groups there at last. Level: C | Order of end: Forgotten Sons (NXT), Lucha House Party (SD), Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins (Raw), Imperium (NXT), Heavy Machinery (SD), Breezango (NXT), Revival (SD), The OC (Raw), Street Profits (Raw)

Cruiserweight Championship – Lio Rush (NXT) [c] def. Kalisto (SD) by means of pinfall and Akira Tozawa (Raw) to hold the title [Kickoff Show]: Rush put NXT on the scoreboard with this success, which highlighted a normal measure of high spots and auto wreck vitality regardless of the way that the group never fully got completely contributed. Surge conveyed the spot of the match when he handled a crazy twofold Spanish Fly off the top rope. The completion came after Kalisto hit Tozawa with Salida del Sol in the focal point of the ring similarly as an entrepreneurial Rush frog sprinkled Kalisto with the Final Hour from the top rope to take the pin. Evaluation: B

Label Team Champions – Viking Raiders (Raw) def. Undisputed Era (NXT) by means of pinfall and New Day (SD) [Kickoff Show]: The Viking Raiders – and specifically, the physicality of the large man Ivar – were given the feature treatment right now coordinate that put Raw on the board. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish focused on Kofi Kingston’s left knee all through and at last removed him from the match totally in the wake of hitting a Total Elimination outside the ring. After the Raiders did likewise to Big E on a couple springboard German suplex, it boiled down to two groups. The size of Erik and Ivar won out as they consolidated for a Viking Experience that saw O’Reilly pummeled onto Fish before Ivar recorded the pinfall. Evaluation: B

Ladies’ Survivor Series – Rhea Ripley (NXT) def. Sasha Banks (SD) through pinfall as NXT (Ripley, Candice LaRae, Io Shirai) endures: What was poised to be an extraordinary bit of booking and a critical singles duel to close the match among Banks and Ripley succumbed to a piece overcooking. LeRae and Shirai, severe adversaries on NXT, returned late in the wake of leaving because of injury and utilized everything from official interruption to inside and out sparing Ripley from accommodation to lift NXT to triumph. After Shirai hit a springboard rocket dropkick on Banks, Ripley followed with her Rip Tide finisher to get the pin. The closure not just delivered a touch of disarray with respect to whether the late-showing up NXT stars were still in the match (per WWE internet based life, they were not dispensed with), it included a fairly pointless heel turn of sorts for the NXT group in the wake of being introduced all match as dark horse faces. Indeed, even with the savvy booking of giving Ripley such an enormous and merited push as the NXT whiz who most profited by the stage, a spotless triumph wouldn’t have been strange and could’ve reported considerably stronger her long haul potential.

All things considered, the match was an enjoyment undertaking with great booking to trim the groups down. Late in the match, Charlotte Flair and Asuka turned on one another as colleagues in a squabble that finished with Flair getting canvassed in green fog. Bianca Belair was likewise given a lot of sparkle for NXT with consecutive pins. Evaluation: B+ | Order of end: SD’s Nikki Cross by means of pinfall (Bianca Belair); Raw’s Sarah Logan by means of pinfall (Belair); SD’s Carmella through pinfall (Charlotte Flair); Raw’s Kairi Sane by means of pinfall (Sasha Banks); SD’s Dana Brooke by means of pinfall (Asuka); Raw’s Asuka relinquished her group; Raw’s Flair by means of pinfall (Lacey Evans); SD’s Evans by means of pinfall (Natalya); NXT’s Toni Storm by means of accommodation (Banks and Natalya); NXT’s Belair by means of pinfall (Banks); Raw’s Natalya by means of pinfall (Banks)

Which side is Kevin Owens on? Owens was faced behind the stage by Seth Rollins, who asked which brand has his faithfulness after Owens showed up at NXT TakeOver: WarGames 3. Accordingly, Owens said NXT needn’t bother with him and Raw frantically does, so he is group red as far as possible. He at that point reminded Rollins that he has walked out on partners previously, as well.

Midcard Champions – Roderick Strong (NXT) def. Shinsuke Nakamura (SD) through pinfall and AJ Styles (Raw): On a previously stacked card, this match wasn’t given enough time at last to arrive at its maximum capacity from the viewpoint of a star rating. All things considered, WWE picked a decent chance to give Strong the sort of push he merits as, really, truly outstanding in-ring laborers on this planet. The huge spots were enjoyment as Styles lifted Strong in a hot seat before Nakamura handled a commencement the top rope. Nakamura mobilized late with a Kinshasa on Strong just for Styles to make a plunge and spare the pin. It was Strong who giggled last, in any case, entering the ring after Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Nakamura to push Styles out and take the pin. Evaluation:


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